Saturday 1 January 2022

Autobiography - Bhooli Bisri Khatti Meethi Sunheri Yaadein

Coming Soon: Autobiography of the author based on his life covering all Sweet and Bitter Experiences of life with real-life situations - Ups and Downs, Success and Failures, Win and Loose, Honesty and Dishonesty, Love and Hate, Healthy and Sick, Affluence and Deprivation, Satisfaction and Greed, Politeness and Rudeness, Teacher and Student, Guru and Pupil, Parent and Child and so many permutations and combinations of real life. One has to withstand a lot of pulls and pressures - may it be Personal Life, Public Life, Professional Life, and Relative and Friends circle. Above all the role of "GOD" in making one's destiny will also be the concern of the author. No doubt all the factors taken together make a "Good" or "Bad" Personality but role of Money and Muscle Power also play a significant role in crushing good personalities and the quote "Might is Right" holds good in today's ultramodern materialistic world and intellectual will have to prove that Pen is mightier than Sword as per old Quote in Hindi : 

                            खीचों ना कमानों को,   ना तलवार निकालो I 
                                 जब तोप मुकाबिल हो, तों अख़बार निकालो I

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